Contact Us


I’m Andy.

I own and operate two small businesses.

In my “spare time” I try to serve my community in several ways.

One of the ways I serve my community is by volunteering to help organize events that are free to the public.

These events – such as RVA Code Camp – provide opportunities for local technologists and aspiring technologists to receive training – free – that would otherwise cost them hundreds or thousands of dollars.

If you reached this page to share an unsolicited message about your product or service, please realize that you are about to waste time.

My time.

And realize that you’re doing damage to a community by wasting my time.

This goes well beyond the time it’s taking for me to type up this message in the hopes of dissuading you from continuing to the real Contact Us page to send me a message about your awesome website-tuning service or a link to some list or other.

(Such messages are easy catches for my spam filters.)

But every now and then a spam message gets through.

When a spam message gets through the signal-to-noise ratio for email from the RVA Code Camp Contact Us page – the real Contact Us, not this prelude page – drops some.

Inevitably, someone’s real message – and not spam-y service and messages – will be ignored as a result.

Your efforts here will not result in more sales.

Your efforts will not result in more money.

Your efforts here may eventually result in someone who could really and actually benefit from my volunteer efforts not reaching us, and then not receiving an answer to their question, and then not attending a free event specifically designed for people in their situation, and then not experiencing what many have described as “an incredible, awesome, life- and career- altering event.”

If you reached this page to ask about the RVA Code Camp event, please accept my apology for the screed above and continue to the real Contact Us page by clicking here.